Alex Jones is Promoting Civil War for His Profit

At approximately 10:05 pm on Sunday 01/10/2017. Stephen Paddock opened fire on the audience attending an open air concert adjacent to the Mandalay Bay casino hotel in Las Vegas; murdering 59 people and wounding 500. Within hours, while victims were still being treated and the crime scene still being processed, Alex Jones solved the case; so he claimed. And as time progressed he predicted, then promote a civil war between liberals and conservatives. Not a civil war of words but an actual armed conflict. And it appears he wants to profit as much as possible from the promotion  of an inevitable Civil War.

To be honest I actually like Alex Jones and routinely watch infowars live on YouTube. Based on my own fact checking, his reporting on many topics is far more factual than the corporate controlled mainstream news. But being more factual is not really difficult to accomplish since the MSM lies continually. But, as I have written previously the Alt-Right media, such as Jones, is only the tail of the big dog in the news business. MSM will always determine what news is. Infowars will only investigate what they report; proving them liars time and time again.

What and how Alex Jones was reporting on the Mandalay Bay slaughter is not my issue. It is his instilling in the minds of his InfoWars viewers that the “Globalist”, were coming for their guns and intended to start a civil war in order to install a one world communist* government. And, for everybody to get ready to fight back to defend the Republic.  I recall him even predicting that an all-out civil war will begin in a matter of weeks. Civil war is a big topic on Infowars and is frequently predicted, by Alex Jones.

*No true communist government has ever existed it is only an un-achievable ideology sold to the discontented & unknowing masses. True communism is a classless society. The countries Americans associate with being communist, the former USSR, China, North Korea, and Vietnam have class structure. They are more accurately described as being socialist with an authoritarian leadership; an extremely high living privileged class of core party members.








A 2nd civil war in the US is possible, but highly improbable at this time. But, let’s assume I, like many of Alex Jones’s info-warriors, believe everything he says; akin to Rush Limbaugh’s Ditto-heads. In this scenario the calling for an armed resistance to a non-existing threat is blatantly irresponsible; bordering on the criminal. Why? Because Jones knows full well that among his info-warriors there exists some very troubled and unstable people; all you have to do is watch the live chat on his broadcast. Jones knows he may be pushing the button that makes the unstable explode in acts of violence. But then that could be good for business; another mass murder to report on for a month or two.

On the day in question, Monday 02/10/2017, immediately after declaring an inevitable civil war was weeks away Jones switched gears, without a segue, and did a promo for his herbal products. WHAT? A nation being torn apart, all hell breaking loose in days, urban combat, airstrikes, drone attacks, murdered women and children, Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, keep your head low and your powder dry, small groups of unorganized militias roaming the streets killing anybody they suspect of being their enemy, a total collapse of society, and Jones starts hawking herbal products for his personal gain?

I recall it being infowars “Brain Force Plus” being the product on sale, accompanied with a plea to buy his herbal products to support Infowars and the expansion he is undertaking this year. Alex Jones is going to expand his business while the rest of us are killing each other? This fact alone proves even Alex Jones does not believe everything he reports.

While Jones sees organized groups, such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, as the Globalist instruments to start a race war most “in the center Americans” , view them only as criminal organizations. No different than the BLA, Black Panthers, Nazi’s, KKK, and Weathermen of the 1960’s and 70’s; for those of us that were alive then. There is just much more media coverage today due to 24 hour news channels and YouTube. And with more news venues you get more coverage. But it does not mean there is more violence or a bigger threat, to the country, than there was 50 years ago from radical groups.


Originally posted 2017-10-13 20:33:08.

“Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.” Mark Twain

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